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Where do you adventure?

Our adventures span across a variety of areas depending on who we have joining the pack on the day. We visit beaches, forests, parks, paddocks and lagoons, making sure that we're adhering to council guidelines and steering clear of any animal control operations. 

What if it's raining?

Then we get wet! Rain, hail or shine, we're adventuring (as long as it's safe for us to do so)! If the weather is deemed as unsafe (too hot or torrential), we will reschedule the adventure with you.

Do you pick up and drop off my dog?

We sure do! Our services include picking up and dropping off your dog from your place. 


Do I need to be home for pick up/drop off?

Not at all, just let us know where your dog and their collar/lead will be and how to access them and we can do that without you being home. We have up to date Police checks so you can rest assured and be comfortable who you're letting into your home.

Do you do on and off-leash adventuring?

We sure do! We make sure to speak to you about what your dog is like and whether you're comfortable with them being off-leash and then we do a test run on-leash to begin with as we get to know your pup, practising recall with them. Once we've built up that trust, we start off on a long-leash and eventually work our way up to off-leash adventuring.

My dog isn't desexed, can he/she still join adventures?

We can discuss this in our free meet & greet with you as we think it's important to understand what your dog is like, but we don't think they should miss out, we just want to make the best arrangements for them and our other dogs!

Will my dog always be supervised? 

Absolutely, your dog/s will be in and around Scotty's control at all times. We even use GPS tracking collars for the Houdini's of the pack just for an added layer of security.

What do you mean by 'structured' adventures?

We have a fun, firm and fair mentality when it comes to our 4-legged companions.

Dogs are able to be their best selves when they know that they don't have to worry about anything other than being a dog! So we make sure that there's fun to be had with boundaries still in place to be respected and followed. This makes for safer play times and happier dogs!

My dog isn't very social, can they adventure too?

Adventuring doesn't always need to be in a pack environment, that's why we also offer solo adventures. But we will work with you and your pup to see how we can better socialise them if you want them to make friends. Dog safety is of the upmost importance to what we do, so we will not put any dogs or people in a position that isn't safe for them, so will handle every dog case by case and can discuss the right arrangement with you.

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