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Taika dog walk

Meet & Greet

Pre-session meet & greet

15-20 mins

A chance for us to meet you and your dog to make sure we get familiar before we go out on our adventures/services.


This allows us to hear about any special quirks or needs your dog may have and to understand anything in particular you'd like out of our adventures together. 

We can meet at your place or in a neutral area which can act as a blank canvas for first impressions.

Beau dog walk

Solo Adventures

One-on-one adventures
~1.5-2.5 hrs

This is a one time adventure walk with your beloved doggo as a treat from you to them! 


These adventures are perfect if you're wanting one-on-one attention paid to your dog with no worries about other dogs being around - perfect if your dog isn't the most well mannered around other doggos. 


A great way to work on training and socialisation in a more controlled setting. These range between 1.5-2.5 hours. 

Scotty with dog pack

Pack Adventures

Fun with the pack

~1.5-2.5 hrs

This is a one time adventure walk with a pack allowing your dog to tire out with other high energy boys and girls at a beach, in the forest or another adventure site. 


These are sure to stimulate your dog and leave them knackered when they come home due to the physical and mental stimuli they get out on these adventures.


All inclusive of door to door pick up and drop off, these adventures last 1.5-2.5 hours.

Dog boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog homestay (at our place!)

24 hours +

If you're heading away somewhere and want a place for your dog to be safe and feel at home, we offer dog boarding.


Places are limited as we run a one household per stay policy as our aim is to create a space where your loved furry pals can chill and be a part of our pack while they are away from you.

Needs a Walk Drop In Visits

Drop-In Visits

Drop ins to your pet's location

15-45 mins

These drop ins include popping by to where your pet is staying to let them outside for a toilet break, pat and play with them, take them for a short walk or administer medication to them if necessary.


This service is at a per household price, not per pet. 

Needs a Walk Dog Training

Dog Training

One-on-one training consultation

~40-60 mins

Whether it's pulling on the lead or maybe a behavioural issue at home, I will train you to be able to recognise and address unwanted behaviours.

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