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About Us

Needs a Walk is a family owned and operated local business operating out of East Otago, New Zealand.

We are a husband & wife team who are passionate about giving you results and peace of mind with your pet.

Scotty is hands-on with the doggos while Arameh keeps everything afloat in the background.

If it's not immediately apparent, animals make us tick. We work with animals, we visit our friends for their animals, animals are at the core of a lot of our decision making. Even travel!

Scotty has been working with dog shelters/rescues all around the country on a day-to-day basis for the last three years. He is in a state of constantly learning and loving it, so much so that he is currently studying Canine Psychology in the background.

We are Pet First Aid certified and carry a specific pet first aid kit with us, so you can rest assured knowing that if the unthinkable happens, we're prepared. Scotty also has administered a range of medications to a wide variety of animals!

One of the joys of working with animals is making them feel secure so they can be their best, happy-go-lucky selves, whether this is through a bit of structure or just through being the companion they need at that point in time.

One thing we've learned is that it's nobody's desired state to be away from their beloved animals, so our role is to be able to provide whatever you're not able to, at that particular time. Whether it's exercise, medication, behaviour correction or just some well-earned, loving scritches, we've got your pup covered!

If your animal is not vaccinated, socialised or just plain doesn't like others that's absolutely fine as we have experience with these quirks and arrangements can be made.

Get in contact and we can set up a no obligations meet & greet! 


"My dog and I are incredibly lucky to have Arameh & Scotty. They are very caring and thoughtful people who are true animal lovers. My dog is always thrilled to see them and (I think) sad to leave them. Even though I never asked, they take the time to train my dog while he is with them. Truly amazing people. I recommend them without reservation."

- John Shaver & Lou

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